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Brand: Kikka Boo Model: 4772
The Antibacterial Kikka Mattress Mattress Protective Cover Boo is suitable for swing mattress and ideal to protect your baby's layer of unwanted stains and powders. Its purpose is to extend the life of the mattress and maintain it clean, Healthy and dry from unwanted leaks thanks to waterproof its p..
Brand: Kikka Boo Model: 4771
Waterproof Kikka Boo's protective coating, suitable to Protect the baby layer from unwanted humidity. With rubber to easily apply to the mattressComposition: 80% cotton, 20% polyesterAllows air circulationHighly absorbentEasily washedDimension 70x140+15cm..
Brand: Sunshine Model: 1214
Waterproof substrate, to protect the mattress from any Accidents but also against the deterioration of time. Still provides Unique sense of cleanliness and freshness. With an angle of 30 cmFor a mattress of up to 70x140..
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