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Quilts Single / Demo

Brand: KENTIA Model: 4337
The modern geometric design and the wonderful shades make a Avery favorite choice of our customers! This is a high quilt quality, which bears rich and fluffy filling of baked and hypoallergenic pads and carries a cotton fabric lining, which makes it enjoyable in texture, soft and capable of securi..
Brand: Greenwich Polo club Model: 5566
That single quilt from the company Greenwich Polo Club will provide the child warmth and comfort during the cold months of the year. Externally it is made of 100% cotton, material resistant to time allows the fabric to breathe without retaining moisture. also it is suitable for avoiding aller..
Brand: KENTIA Model: 4336
The single quilt of Kentia company is externally made of 100% cotton. Cotton is durable in time and allows fabric to breathe, without containing moisture. Is also Suitable to avoid allergies. Its stuffing is from polyester Vata, a synthetic light and soft material that leaves the body to Breathing d..
Quilt Suspended 160 × 220 20% Feather 80% Wood Guy Laroche Natura Quilt Suspended 160 × 220 20% Feather 80% Wood Guy Laroche Natura
-50 %
Brand: Guy Laroche Model: 2856
Depulnium quilt from Guy Laroche. Of 20% clean Feather and 80% weapon, soft lightweight and very hot. Quality: External fabric: 100% cotton 200 thread filling: 20% feather -80% Feather Dimensions: 160 × 220..
75.00€ 150.00€
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